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  • I Love Ladybugs!

    We take a journey with a little girl to many places, and part of the fun includes a home-made photo album. Children will also enjoy finding the ladybug in each of the illustrations, making this not just an adorable book, but an entertaining game as well.

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  • Sadie the Skunk

    A story that shows you should not give up right after the first failure because sometimes it takes a few tries to find your true goal. Sadie’s story will be very nice for children because it is beautifully illustrated and makes some important points about life.

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  • Lars the Monkey

    The book is short and delightful and is a good book to introduce children to reading. It makes a good story for read-aloud sessions in the library and classrooms, and can be read out as a bedtime story, too. Lars, the monkey, will remain in your hearts for a long time with his delightful character.

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  • Mousekabitz

    Mousekabitz is a fun, exciting, and adventurous story, not only helping with problem solving but providing children with the concept of self-accomplishment and friendship. A child will also learn to overcome fear of the unknown when reading this book. A story fit for a beginner reader and an experienced one to enjoy alone, or together.

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  • Giuseppe’s Famous Pizza Pies

    The story is delightful and full of joy except for the time when the vendor cart breaks down. Giuseppe’s character is lovable and endearing and children will surely enjoy reading this story. The illustrations are also bright and cheerful and they add to the beauty of the story.

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Tyler the Fish

One day, a game of Fish Tag takes Tyler into some unfamiliar waters. He's a long way from home, and even worse, the water around him is brown! When Tyler and Jimmy find out what’s wrong with the water, they must work together in order to save it.

If I Could Pull the Moon from the Sky

New Release! What would you do if you could pull the moon from the sky? One little boy has a million ideas! He would play with it at school, then take it for a haircut, and maybe they would eat a moon pie together at lunch. That would be fun… but pulling the moon from the sky would be pretty special. Almost as special as his mom! Maybe he can think of something even more special to do with the moon.

Miami Beach International Book Festival

November 21, 2014 Miami Beach International Book Festival Miami Beach, Florida

Featured Author

The Savannah Children’s Festival Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Forsyth Park http://www.liveoakpl.org/scbf/


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